What is PEDCA?

PEDCA is an abbreviation of PAN EUROPEAN DCA. It is:

  • The first Research & Development FP7 grant dedicated to addressing the data centre sector
  • A strategic investment of €1.7 Million Euros by the European Commission
  • An 18 month project starting 1st July 2013, to be made sustainable after December 2014
  • A result of a collaborative initiative between UK, Netherlands and Germany
  • A research focused partnership of Academia, Regional Government and the Private Sector.


PEDCA aims to deliver an EU wide "Academy” platform as a foundation to implement a Joint Action Plan for the data centre industry. It will

  • leverage the expertise and skills from Europe’s three main data centre "hotspots"
  • Widen participation across EU- share knowledge and experience to new European markets
  • Identify and validate the research requirements of the data centre industry
  • Develop an independent sustainable research platform
  • Identify and validate the skills & training requirements of the data centre industry